Other Legal Blogs

Blogs of Interest

Criminal Law/Juvenile Defense
Forensic Science in NC: NC Indigent Defense Services
UNC SOG Blog: NC Criminal Law
NC Office of the Juvenile Defender

Consumer Law
O’Neal Law Office Blog

Disability Law
Disability Law Blog
Social Security/Personal Injury

Family Law
The Raleigh Family Lawyer

Personal Injury Law
North Carolina Injury Attorney Blog (Asheville)
Injury Law Blog (Raleigh)
North Carolina Accident Lawyers Blog
Personal Injury Law Advocate
North Carolina Injury report
Ruth Smith Law Firm – Asheville Personal Injury Lawyer
North Carolina and South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer Blog

Products Liability
North Carolina Product Liability Blog

Workers’ Compensation
NC WorkerComp.com

Law Offices of James Scott Farrin
North Carolina Trial Law Blog
My Shingle: Inspiring, Celebrating & Empowering Solo & Small Law Firms
Consumer Law and Policy Blog
NC Policy Watch Blog



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